Loads fast. Beautiful & Engaging. Adapts to Mobile Phones & Tablets.

Now You Can Have A Beautiful Performance Website That Will Impress Customers

What Is This Service?

This service helps growing service businesses showcase a website that delivers:

  1. Fast-Loading Times: Fast website loading times retain your website visitors, enhances the user-experience and is a Google ranking factor
  2. A Beautiful & Engaging Experience: Appearance matters. But the quality of your content (ie text, photos, videos) keeps your visitor on your website longer (which is also another Google ranking factor)
  3. A Mobile-Responsive Website: Your content will adapt automatically to laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Why Use Sherman’s Service?

Top 3 Reasons Clients Choose To Work With Sherman:

  1. Experienced: I’ve been designing websites on the WordPress-framework for 15 years, from small-businesses to national to international organizations and across a variety of industries.
  2. Marketing-Savvy: Would you want just a website designer on your campaign, or one that also has years of experience with marketing, SEO, copywriting, video, audio, conversion psychology, blogging, social media and graphic design?
  3. Fast Turnaround: Clients are pleasantly surprised by how fast my turnaround is on developing their websites (naturally, after all the content is in my hands).

How Does It Work?

Here’s the process:

  1. Discovery Session: 15-minutes
    1. We schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone/video meetup to determine fit, mutually beneficial basis for doing business, expectations & “conditions of satisfaction”
    2. Discuss your goals/outcomes desired, where you’re at now, and the gap. This is an opportunity to find out if I can successfully fill the gap between where you are now and your outcomes. We may discuss your competitors, your USP, challenges to solve and concerns to address.
    3. If we’re both agreeable to a next session – the Evaluation Session – we’ll book a date, time and meetup format (eg Skype, phone) for this. I’ll also send notes from our Discovery Session and recommendations prior to our Evaluation Session.
  2. Evaluation Session: 30-minutes
    1. Recap highlights from our Discovery Session
    2. Determine if my recommendations match your outcomes desired
    3. Answer your questions and “conditions of satisfaction” for your campaign
    4. Establish stakeholders, resource allocations, milestones & accountability
    5. Finetune any details prior to preparing a Proposal. Book a date, time and meetup format for our Proposal Session.
  3. Proposal Session: 30-minutes
    1. A proposal will be created and emailed to you approx. 48-hours after our Evaluation Session.
      1. The proposal is a confirmation of your outcomes desired, conditions of satisfaction, recommended services that will meet goals, milestones, resource allocation and projected results.
    2. During our Proposal Session, I’ll address any questions you have about the Proposal.
    3. With your digital sign off, I’ll invoice you for a credit card charge via Square (or eTransfer payment).
    4. Website Development campaign rollout proceeds as per our agreement.
    5. In general, we determine scope of work, milestones, who’s responsible for what content and more. I flesh it all out, we review it together, implement 2 change requests, call it a day and “pass the keys” over to you.