(1) I send SMS Texts & Ringless Voicemails to your prospects & existing customers so you get inbound leads & calls, with up to 45% response rates. Is this something you want for your sales & marketing?


(2) I overlay your website over top my page-1 Google-ranked websites, with a 1-week turnaround so you don’t have to wait months to get on page-1. Is this what you want for your website’s marketing?


(1) SMS has a 90% View Rate (do you glance at your smartphone when you get a notification?) and a 45% Response Rate (if your text is personal & personalized). This can be used to nurture prospects and re-invite existing customers to buy from you again.


(2) In contrast to traditional SEO, I can deliver loads of niche-targeted, geo-specific, Page-1 ranked results for you in 1-week, saving you months and lost opportunities. When I overlay your website over my assets, web visitors click to view your website, your brand and offerings.


Let’s schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone/video meetup to:
1. Determine if we’re a fit and share a mutual basis of trust & respect.
2. Discuss if I can successfully fill the gap between where you are now and your desired outcomes.
3. Upon clarifying that you want what I’m selling to match your outcomes wanted, we’ll iron out your Conditions of Satisfaction (Criteria), and how we will successfully rollout your campaign.

What Should You Do Now?

Schedule a 15-minute call with me for a discovery session to determine if we’re a fit and next steps.